TX4 Temperature Controller

50mm diameter depth
Japan Hatsumitsu PC plastic
PID+control algorithm
TX4 Temperature Controller

TX2 Temperature Controller

50mm Diameter Depth
In-mold tapping process
Single function output
TX2 Temperature Controller

NY1 Series

Fully isolated design
Precise control
Strong anti-interference
NY1 Series

TC5 Temperature Controller

HD white light
Universal input
PID+ control algorithm
TC5 Temperature Controller
  • Rubber and plastic machinery
    The rubber and plastic industry includes the manufacture and processing of rubber and plastic, which are used in a wide range of industries. Sinny products are widely used in various rubber and plastic machinery.
    Rubber and plastic machinery
  • Thermal field
    Thermal equipment has the function of generating heat, transferring heat and utilizing heat. Sinny temperature controllers provide accurate temperature control, enabling reliable and efficient control of thermal equipment and improving production safety.
    Thermal field
  • Food bakery
    Food baking is common in Western cooking, baking is the process of baking products in the oven at high temperature to finished products,Sinny provides various types of products to the bakery industry to help it improve the safety, accuracy and efficiency of the industry and meet its needs.
    Food bakery
  • Metallurgy field
    Metallurgy is a key area where the extraction of metals or metal compounds from resources such as ores is a cornerstone of industrial development. Sinny offers a wide range of high performance, high precision products that provide safe and reliable solutions for this field.
    Metallurgy field
  • Chemical industry
    The chemical industry is an industry with extremely complex production processes and plays an important role in the structure of the world industry. Sinny offers a wide range of products that provide the ideal solution for this industry, thanks to their high precision and quality, and the increased safety of production.
    Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical field
    The pharmaceutical industry focuses on the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals, which are closely related to people's healthy lives. Sinny provides reliable solutions to help the industry improve production efficiency, optimize production processes and make a positive contribution to people's well-being.
    Pharmaceutical field
  • Printing machinery
    The printing industry is widely used in books, advertising, packaging and other fields, and has an important position in modern society. Sinny provides advanced solutions to help the printing industry improve productivity, print quality and environmental sustainability to meet market demand.
    Printing machinery
  • Packaging machinery
    In the packaging industry, the packaging process has several processes, such as cleaning, stacking, disassembling, filling, wrapping, and sealing. Sinny provides various types of products for the packaging industry, which significantly improves the precision and efficiency of packaging operations.
    Packaging machinery

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