TX4 Series

Economic 4-Digit Dual Display PID Temperature Controller

TX4 temperature controllers feature a 50ms high-speed sampling period and ±0.5% display accuracy. 50mm depth and a simple, compact design support a wider range of installation environments for ideal temperature control in a variety of applications.
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  • ·  Diameter depth 50mm, space-saving  design

              Rear length reduced by 30% compared to Sinny products of the same size

    ·  Japan PC plastic material, V-0 flame retardant grade

    · DIN Multiple standard sizes (W 48 x H 48, W 48 x H 96, W 72 x H 72, W 96 x H 48, W 96 x H 96 mm)

    · 100-240V worldwide working power supply

    · Support a variety of Thermocouple/RTD input switching

    · Support ℉ / ℃ temperature unit switch

    · Support Relay /SSR output switching

    · Support one key to restore factory settings

    · Enhanced PID+ control algorithm

    · Automatic calculation function

    · Display error correction function

    · Heating/cooling mode selectable

    · 12 alarm modes selectable

    Large character LED displayDiameter depth 75mmDIN Various standard sizes

    100-240V worldwide 

    working power supply

    A variety of 

    TC / RTD input switching

    ℉ / ℃ 

    Temperature unit switch

    Relay /SSR output


    One key to restore 

    factory setting

    PID+ control algorithm

    Auto tuning functionDisplay error correction 

    Heating/cooling mode


    12 alarm modes selectable

    All-round protection

    Safe and secure

    Diameter depth 50mm

    Save installation space

    In-mold tapping process

    Slippage rate as low as 1 in 150,000

    Zinc-nickel alloy salt spray 700H

    Fulfillment of anti-corrosion needs

    World's first-line LED lamp beads

    100,000 hours of light decay less than five thousandths

    Relay /SSR output switching

    Flexible and versatile

    12 alarm modes are available

    Meet the requirements of different working conditions

    Multiple TC/RTD input switches

    Covers common input types

    DIN standard multiple sizes

    Meet a variety of specifications

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    Product Size

    • TX4-S(48×48mm)
    • TX4-H(48×96mm)
    • TX4-M(72×72mm)
    • TX4-W(96×48mm)
    • TX4-L(96×96mm)
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