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Company introduction

Since 2012

Zhejiang Sinny Electric Co., Ltd. was registered in February 2012, is located in "China's electrical capital" - Zhejiang Yueqing Liushi.It is a technology-based company focusing on the development and production of industrial automation process measurement and control components.

        Our core business includes intelligent temperature controllers, multi-channel temperature modules, network type control modules, programmable controllers, HMI touch screen controllers, intelligent solid state relays and temperature sensors. Widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, thermal, animal husbandry, woodworking, textile, rubber and plastic, food, printing, packaging machinery and other industries automation host supporting services.

        After years of efforts, our products are trusted and adopted by application engineers, industry experts and distributors. We also have the ability to develop products and provide automation solutions for customers based on our years of experience and deep understanding of production sites. 


    After years of development and planning, we have gradually perfected the construction of our team. All of our team members have obtained professional qualifications in their respective fields of responsibility and have been working in the industry for many years before joining the company, with rich experience in market demand. At present, the company is mainly divided into seven departments, such as personnel administration, technology, procurement, production, quality, sales, finance, etc. All departments are working together efficiently, starting with innovative research and development, and showing the market the greatest sincerity of the output of Shangnan Electric around the product characteristics of excellent quality and superior service.

        In addition, on the basis of the gradually improved personnel system, the company cooperates deeply with Zhejiang University of Technology, Shanghai Electric Power Institute and other universities, which provides important support for our advanced technology research and development. Among them, the jointly developed PID+ artificial intelligence algorithm has achieved the precise control of zero overshoot and zero undershoot, which has reached the leading level in control algorithm. Next, fuzzy control and neural network control will be the technical direction that we will try to overcome.   

              Secondly, the partner unit responsible for our product appearance and structure design has 20 years of German design concept, and its designer has won the honor of "Red Dot Finalist Award", which guarantees the novel and unique shape and reasonable and excellent design structure of our products. 

       In order to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and promote the sustainable development of the enterprise. The company has been committed to standardization, digitalization, automation and other "three integration" concept of intelligent factory construction.

        The company has always implemented the requirements of ISO9001:2008 quality management system standard, compiled quality manual, procedure documents, standard process documents; introduced 5S site management method; also obtained CCC, SIL, CE and many other qualifications. 

       Information digitalization: We have introduced ERP, CRM and other office software to form a digital management system for customer relationship, order tracking, planning and scheduling, manufacturing process, reasonable inventory, quality inspection, performance assessment and many other indicators. And visualization of electronic signage and sweeping code work flow and other assistance, significantly improve efficiency and reduce the loss and error rate. 

       Production automation: The company has successively set up automatic program burner, automatic high-speed placement production line, automatic shaped component insertion production line, automatic three-proof coating production line, small robot automatic welding machine, automatic dispensing machine, automatic glue filling machine, automatic screw machine, ultraviolet laser engraving machine and other advanced equipment at home and abroad, and independently designed and developed automatic calibration/re-calibration system and other equipment to effectively improve production capacity and product The company has also designed and developed automatic calibration/re-calibration systems and other equipment to effectively improve production capacity and product consistency, while greatly reducing labor costs. The whole process is visualized, integrated, traceable and intelligent. 

       In order to establish a global marketing service system, we have set up offices in many cities in China and agents in many countries, and we are continuously updating the latest information of Sinny Electric on global mainstream e-commerce websites and social media platforms to provide efficient and convenient services for Sinny users. 

       In the future development, the company will further clarify the core value of "Be Sinny", adhere to the corporate mission of "helping industrial development, making the world more convenient", and strive to achieve "becoming a significant company in the field of automation We are committed to achieving our vision of "becoming a significant company in the field of automation". We are looking forward to contributing to the improvement of global industrial productivity and the quality of life of all people through the tireless efforts of all our employees.

Our vision

Become the field of automation
Important company

Our mission

To help industrial development,
Make the world more convenient

Company slogan

Hello lifeHello life!
The development of industry comes from repeated innovations. At the beginning of the first Industrial Revolution led by steam engine and mechanization, it pentium all the way upward. The electrification of the second revolution, the informatization of the third revolution, and to this day, the intellectualization and informatization of the fourth revolution. Every innovation makes human life more convenient and beautiful.

The upward development of industry, improve our efficiency, quality of life, and constantly positive impact on our world, gradually create a better society.

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